Revisiting our Past

Revisiting our Past

Regency Tiles was born in 1983, established in collaboration with Welko Industriale Spa, Italy – leaders in ceramic manufacturing equipment.

The company was incorporated under the leadership of Dr G.N. Naidu, a leading
architect and structural engineer in Hyderabad,
who envisioned the evolution
of India’s sense of design when it came to homes, offices and commercial
and created the demand for high quality, designer tiles for floor,walls
and exteriors. During his era, Regency Tiles made waves for its focus in quality,
precision and stylistic patterns.

Since its inception, Regency operated with
one mantra – despite challenges of being a
pioneer we always follow the right path to
take our business forward.

along the way

A respected ceramic tile brand with almost 4 decades of presence
in creating fine living spaces, Regency has been moving ahead
relentlessly in the pursuit of excellence. Starting with a capacity
to manufacture 4000 sq.m. per day, Regency achieved daily production
exceeding 44,000 sq.m. – the largest production under single roof in the
early 2000s.
This was when Regency also became the largest exporter of ceramic tiles
in India, winner of several Capexil awards,
and was recognized
as a STAR EXPORT HOUSE by the Ministry of Commerce, Govt. of India.
recognition along the way

In parallel, Regency recognized the need
for globally recognised certification
programs to build competencies and
standardize quality of service and products.

The company was the first
in the ceramic industry to receive
OHSAS 18001 certification for implementation of international
standards in occupational
health and safety practices on
the shop floor.

Furthermore, Regency was awarded ISO certification, and was recertified
recently in 2022. An emphasis on environmental consciousness and conservation
has always been an integral part of the founding principles of Regency Ceramics.
These have led to the certification of ISO14001 by the Environmental
Management System (EMS), DNV, Netherlands.

and Innovate

Regency has modern manufacturing facilities located in Yanam
and will be fitted out with state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment
to ensure that the tiles are consistent with benchmark quality,
reliability and stylish patterns as envisaged in the company’s vision.

The strength of the company lay in its strong focus on innovation. Regency was the first to introduce 400mm x 400mm and 600mm x 600mm rectified tiles in the Indian market.

The strength of the company lay
in its strong focus on innovation.
Regency was the first to introduce 400mm x 400mm and
600mm x 600mm rectified tiles
in the Indian market.

The mind-set for delivering innovative
products year after year made Regency
one of the most sought-after brands.
Reimagine Innovate

Renew and Refresh

Renew and Refresh
Regency had always been well positioned
for continued growth and market dominance
because of its vibrant leadership and their
collective vision.

The management had taken significant
steps to renew and refresh the core business
of tile making for tomorrow, introducing
powerful differentiators of high quality, innovative
patterns, different effects and sizes.

With focus on the Middle East and Africa as
strategic growth markets, Regency entered
new geographical areas to increase its exports.
As a result, today, it proudly boasts of several
national and international export awards.

Re-envisioning our Future

Moving forward, Regency Natural Tiles
plans to expand its market operations
into the states of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh,
Odisha, Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry, Karnataka
and Kerala. The aim is to provide
premium-quality products with Dharma
as our guiding principle.
Regency’s product portfolio will initially
consist of – Glazed Vitrified Tiles,
Polished Vitrified Tiles, Wall Tiles,
Parking Tiles, Special Tiles for
Hospitals, Clinics
and complementing
products like sanitary ware etc.
Re-envisioning our Future


The vision of Regency Natural Tiles is
to provide its customers with quality products
that enhance the built environment in terms
of design, safety and sustainability.


The company will not forsake the future for
the present, integrity for results, sustainability for profit
and will imbibe the principles of Dharma in all its
interactions with its customers, suppliers, employees
and other stakeholders.

Regency Natural Tiles
returns as your
design partner

In a world that is continuously evolving, we transition into new experiences
that touch your heart and speak to your soul. Our Renaissance Tiles blend
art and science to create spaces of genuine warmth and comfort.
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