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Senior Accounts Manager

Key Responsibilites

To oversee the entire organization’s  accounting department or financial team . Responsibilities shall include budgeting, forecasting, and overseeing audits while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, developing and implementing financial policies, guiding and mentoring junior staff, and liaising with stakeholders to provide strategic financial insights for decision-making at an organizational level.

The ideal candidate should  be clued on to the latest digital marketing trends. Be able to collaborate with cross-functional teams, and be able to work to enhance the overall digital and social media marketing and user experience.

Ideal Candidates

This role requires a strong grasp of digital platforms, data analysis, and modern marketing techniques. An understanding of influencer management programs and use of digital for driving business by working with the digital marketing agency is a key requirement for the role.

If you think you are suited for this role, please send in your CV to:  on or before 21/11/2023

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